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Embedded Systems engineering - Architectural Design - Software Engineering

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At OODG we have been turning your dreams and ideas into shipping products for over 20 years.

Our specialty is unique embedded products often integrating wireless communications. We are embedded communications experts and know how to integrate components to come up with a solution to meet your specifications.

Our staff is ready to assist you in realizing your dreams.
We are a design team that believes in bringing the right size team to the task. Why bring a big team and a stack of documents when a small Agile team can get the job done sooner and better and have the documents evolve with the product. This allows you to respond to your changing requirements and work with your qualification team to assure your solution is exactly what you want and is a manufacturable and maintainable solution you can build and support.

Smart project sizing

At Object Oriented Design Group (OODG) we specialize in sizing the project and staff appropriately for the need. We specialize in Agile teams for embedded product design and integration. We are certified scrumMaster and Agile Trainers and we use the technology we teach. We are able to deliver more features and functionality quickly by documenting what we dont know and building on what we do know.

Past experience:

Our team of experts have working in fields including: High power lasers, Medical patient monitoring, telecommunications, Satellite communications, Networking, and automotive electronics, etc. We use this past experience to deliver your embedded systems with the right solutions.

Rapid prototypes:

Why bloat every project as if it were going to ship 100,000 units when we can get your project complete and products shipping at real world costs. We generally recommend against shipping offshore but have partners in China and India when that is the correct path. Our expertise in economy of scale generally allows us to bring your project to market at realistic cost levels.

When you are shipping 100,000 units we have the expertise to help you optimize the process or offshore, when appropriate, to make your products profitable and supportable. We have the manufacturing and service awareness to create strategic plans for manufacturing and serviceability.

International contacts:

We have strategic partners across the US, in China, and India who can contribute as needed for your product success.

We can create strategic alliances to provide solutions from simple upgrades to complete global software projects.

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Experienced Teams:

At Object Oriented Design Group, Inc. We provide project services such as Project Management, Agile project teams, Systems Architectural design, and Software Engineering, Technical Publications, and Training for all of the above.

Our experienced design teams include complete project management services to assure your project is completed on time and budget. Our Project managers will work with you to formulate recovery plans for overdue projects and provide the staffing necessary to assure project completion, We can train your staff and management on the latest Agile project management procedures and come up with an Agile process that works for your organization.

Our 35+ years experience in digital and analog hardware design lets us produce software solutions in line with your embedded needs. Our design teams have proven leadership skills in each of their respective areas of expertise. We specialize in microprocessor controlled telecommunication devices, embedded 802.11 wireless and laser optics. Several of OODG's engineers are registered Intel and Motorola design consultants.

Over 25 years experience in software engineering. Our software Engineers are technological leaders in C, C++, Java, and assembly language software for a wide variety of microprocessors. We specialize in object oriented project design and provide full transitional services for firms moving from C to C++ development.

• Systems architectural design

• Design of embedded systems using networked distributed process systems

• Design and integration of wireless networked systems

• Certification standards compliance testing preparation and support for FDA, FCC, CSA

• Compliance with ISO 9000 process

Technical Assistance Network

Object Oriented Design Group has an established technical assistance network with talented specialists in various product development fields. These experts are available should specialty needs arise. As a result, you benefit from the technical breadth and capabilities found in large engineering consulting houses, but at considerable savings since you pay only for the engineering services actually needed on your project. We refer you to the professionals needed to complete the project

We offer ultimate flexibility, highest quality and the right team for the right job. Services can be performed on your site or out of Object Oriented Design Group's offices using our own computer workstation and development and design tools. We handle project needs ranging from small redesigns or analyses to turn-key new product developments. Scheduling is flexible, from quick turn efforts, to long-term contracts. We specialize in systems designed for testability and manufacturing.

Object Oriented Design Group provides highly reliable, testable, maintainable, and clearly documented source for all projects. We stand behind our work, and continue to support our clients after the project is finished. Support ranges from training on-site personnel to continued upgrades on an as-needed basis.

Specializing Expertise in embedded software solutions for:

• Test Engineering Fixtures

• ATE Test Programs

• Object Oriented Design and Development

• Software Engineering

• Systems architecture including networking and distributed architectures

• System level firmware for Embedded Analog and Digital Design

• Precision firmware for Analog and Digital Designs

• High Frequency, Low Power Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

• Assistance with FCC/FTZ/EC EMI, RFI, ESD Design and Test Requirements

• Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs)

Give us a call or email today and let us get your project flying.

Legal stuff:

We engineer products according to industry standards for design, development, and validation testing. While we will assist you with bringing your product to market you will be responsible for determining the suitability and merchantability of the design and acceptability for the final product.

Engineering is an interactive process and the team will include both designated contacts to function as client design consultants and our team of engineers. Together we will brin the product together and constantly strive to meet your variable needs during the process. A successful team is a communicating and involved team.